Sunday, October 09, 2005

the Future

Marinetti be damned, it appears that I have stumbled upon a rash of articles lately in Believer and Harper's pertaining to and about Franzen/Moody/Status vs Contract Novels and what is the pointafterall? Through my greased wheels of free association I have thought since about wanting to REALLY read Gaddis. it is all about concentration. Not the experience of reading it, but absorbing it like Nabokov's ideal reader. That is allegedly the point of samizdat though such doesn't happen all that often.

It will likely be the Dombrovsky this week and then I might return to William G: perhaps his last piece Agape Agape and then The Recognitions (again) without that dreaded performance anxiety. There wasn't much in the book review this a.m. Only an interesting essay on biography. I have bought several tomes of that genre this year and haven't read any. Though I did read the first chapter Friday night of Trotsky's slim bio of Lenin.


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