Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Unlike A Vulpine Chortle

Long hours and tundric winds conspired to keep me out of commission yesterday, little reading and not a word posed in earnest. This a.m. aside from incessant hacking and the forever flowing discharge, it was back to the saga of the bluecaps, the unchecked power of paranoia and a reflection on the holy fool. Most of the effective symbolism concenring the Purges, Personality Cults and the Soviet Question has been religious (Bulgakov, Dombrovsky and Pasternek) yet what is at issue here?

It isn't the atheism of the Comintern, its the supplication of the Gaping Soul to the Treason of the Enlightenment. Joel once asked whether AS was a man who felt that human application of Socialism was at fault, not the Historical Imperative. I see AS as rejecting not only Marx but taking the Enlightenment to task as well, with only the Divinity of Grace to save humanity from itself.


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