Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Celebrating the Sigh

It was a soaking, often bleak, Tuesday. My spirits were soon to crash when I had to have my brakes repaired. This morning did manage a flicker of joy. I was walking a client through a thrift store and just managed to compute a title from an otherwise unassuming ocher harbound text: A Hero On A Donkey. This another novel by Bulatovic, a novelsit from Montenegro that I discovered last fall. This was the same shop where I found a copy of Vasily Grossman's Forver Falling just about a year ago on rain-swept Saturday. This find was made more plausible by the text being a discarded book from the Jeffersonville library.
As I noted, my resolution this year is to read at least 12 plays. I will also attempt a broader scheme of literature, avoiding , as much as possible, authors form the US, Russia and Germany. That said. My next two major books will be by authors from Germany and Russia. I will also hope to read the remaining two volumes of the Gulag trilogy and the final Civil War Narrative. My literary interest afterwards will likely cling to the Balkans and Africa for a time. I was thinking of reading George Eliot or Boswell's Life With Johnson when I travel this summer/autumn. I am also VERY interested in film theory, which will likely surface in the confines of Samizdat.


Blogger All4Word said...

Knowing not whether you've yet accomplished the feat, I'm considering the issuance of an open challenge to join me in a year-long repast of Proust's In Search of Lost Time (nee Remembrance of Things Past).

Any advice on corraling fellow participants?

12:21 AM  
Blogger jon faith said...

Interesting proposition, Randy,
Roger and I intended to accomplish the same in 1999 with a mutual decision to abandon the objective a short time later. I would like to pursue such, but weill need to wait until late spring, if not summer due to other interests.

Also, is the politicial science reading group being formed? Tahnks for the interest. ciao - jon

4:44 PM  

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