Monday, May 01, 2006

Another Effort

(presently having technical issues actually posting)

I have wanted to write about my magazine reading as of late, narrow as it might be. There was an excellent article in the New York Times Magazine about Juan Goytisolo and his self-imposed exile in Morroco. He has long been a hero of mine. Yesterday's Magazine included an interview with Carlos Fuentes and it was steeped in sorrow, quite touching.

The latest believer is amongst the strongest yet. There were fascinating interviews with Zack Brock from Modest Mouse and with Israeli author Etgar Keret. Javier Marias achieved his best article yet IMHO and the article about Susan Sontag's treatment post mortem is amongst the strongest pieces I have read anywhere.

The Oxford American surprised me (do they still care about books at that wayward periodical?) with its Southern writing issue, especially the Roy Bount Jr. piece about politics and the South. The article about New Orleans was especially moving and i enjoyed its dig at Richard Florida.


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