Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lessons in Typing . . . and Living

I am a few hundred pages into the Fisk, fears of night terror didn't materialize last night though the onus of the Iran-Iraq War have saturated my thoughts on this blissful day. What is at stake, in terms of both foreign policy and in journalistic integrity?

Soldier and civilian, they died in their tens of thousands because death had been concocted for them, morally hitched like a halter round the warhorse so that we could talk about "target-rich environments" and "collateral damage"-- that most infantile of attempts to shake off the crime of killing--and report the victory parades, the tearing down of statues and the importance of peace.

Such is written in the preface and the same tone of indictment continues, rolling along, highlighting each atrocity or misdeed in unnerving detail -- the mendacity of all is exposed: USSR, Mujahedin, MI-6, CIA, SAVAK, Iran's Holy Revolution, Sadaam, Carter, Reagan, Arafat, Ghadaffi and ESPECIALLY Rumsfeld and Sharon. It is such a litany of crime and avarice that people like Tim Eads, one of my two Republican friends, would lash back that it is but a manifesto. Such would presuppose a an underlying ambition, in my opinion, whereas Fisk asserts that, echoing a Israeli colleague, he only wishes to record the truths and question the centres of power. I applaud him effusively.


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