Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nathan Englander At World's End

I read one of his stories a few weeks back, about Jewish poets, the night before their liquidiation by Stalin. I have thought about its nuance, but otherwise it was rather unassuming.

I have read 400 pages of the Fisk since Saturday and I am nearing the book's conclusion. I was going to sned him an e-mail until I discovered on the Independent's website ( www.independent.co.uk ) that it doesn't accept email pertaining to Fisk. It did leave an address in London and I think I will write this intrepid man a letter. I find it intriguing that upon typing Robert Fisk and Christopher Hitchens into Google one encounters a seemingly endless list of right-wong blogs. Many of them are unintentionally hilarious for Fisk's dire warning against the slef=evident capitualtion of the Iraqi Army in 2003, one chides Fisk for oberving that it almost appears as if the US doesn't have a plan. How fucking true he was.


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