Wednesday, August 22, 2007


It is easy to laugh at the idea of torture on a sunny day. -- Graham Greene

I am going to borrow Mr. Esposito's motif and offer an essay of sorts. It was a languid Sunday afternoon, sunny if I recall, the phone rang and it my friend, apparently quite drunk. (bit early for that, I thought)

He made some meandering inquiry into whether we would like to go to Louisville later that evening, given that he would be either blind drunk or passed out by that future time, I passed. he then asked my advice about his father. I know that my friend and his father have lived a few thousand miles apart for almost a decade and appeared comfortable with such. I said sure. he asked if I had ever heard of the ACT and some Middle Eastern lady who was an advocate "against terrorism." That concept much like "human rights" always gives me pause. What theoretical person would oppose an equally generic construct as "anti-terrorism" or "Human rights"? The long and short was that my friend's father had forged strong bonds with the organization and their spokesperson. he wanted my friend to compose music for their informational dvd.


Google helps in these matters and I soon found a quote from this charming Lebanese-American courtesy of Wikipedia: the difference between Israel and the Arab World is the difference between civilization and barbarity, between good and evil.

I told my friend I would have nothing to do with these people. He appeared puzzled. But why, they're non-violent. When qualifying your opposition as barbaric and evil, I screeched, you've paved the way for others of more convincing means to solve the equation with more formidable means.

I completed the Greene this evening and hopefully I will speak with my friend at length tomorrow. I have thought of buying him the Fisk.


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