Sunday, November 18, 2007


We are about to head out the door for the Wes Anderson gig. I read until after midnight, finding much to massage and appreciate in the Eco. My thoughts and recall are sketchy at best, these days, but I do think I read 300 pages of Name of the Rose 14 years ago. There was a blurb about his latest collection of essays in this morning's Book Review (to my friends out there, feel free to buy this for me). It is odd how I have saddled up, once again, to Eco and Borges. I recall telling Joel at Past Time in 1996 about how my literary world was anchored by Eco, Grass, Rushdie and Carpentier. It makes me feel old to type that sentence.


Blogger edward parish said...

Suspended reading schedule for moi may be a good thing and breed new life and vigor into a once nova star quest for many titles and subject matter.

Thanks for the inspiration and support through trouble waters. Roger Waters via Utube is playing the musical score for many of my thoughts and emeotions. Damn the internet and all of its copious avenues for distracting ones self for thoughts.

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