Monday, January 28, 2008

Back From Beyond

Incapacitated by influenza symptoms, I spent the weekend home, recumbent, reading and recovering. Ultimately I tried to be assistant to my equally infirmed honey. I have since returned to work. During that 30 hour stretch where i slept and read I did finish The Pope's Rhinoceros by Lawrence Norfolk, which was overwritten and lacked polish and character, a good deal of Schama's book on the French Revolution and dove into Little Dorrit.

Norfolk did use the perpetuity of geological undulation and its effect on the water table to brilliant consequence, it was just that his actors appeared Steinbeckian and or sophomoric, which isn't being redundant. N and I did watch Marie Antionette, by Sofia Coppola, last evening and I tried to fill in a few subtexts with references to the Schama. It didn't prove able to salvage a shitstream of a film.


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