Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Brooklyn Follies

My spirits took a hammering over the weekend and ultimately I couldn't marshall the temerity for the Powys, I read two chapters and surrendered. Despite my shame I picked up Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster, a recent novel that I had found at a charity shop for fifty cents. I read it in two days and while affording me a few laughs, he has apparently distanced himself from the metaphysical hardboiler template which served him so well with his New York Trilogy and then became redundant and stale with each successive effort.


Blogger genevieve said...

And did you like this better than the Glass boilerplate, Jon? I was a little less than enthused by the Follies, I have to say. Had more than a whiff of the folksier script fo for the Wayne Wang film "Smoke" about it, which Auster also wrote.

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