Friday, April 18, 2008

A response

Despite the earthquake and other recent evidence of the incredible, I logged on to Amazon only to discover that they had recommended new books by one of my favorite authors: Bertolt Brecht. Nothing against the trailblazing, activist, misogynist playwright, but I thought if I named my 50 favorite writers i am positive I wouldn't include Brecht. Who would I specify? What does it mean to be a favorite, what if you only wrote one book? Could you be a favorite of Jon Faith? I thought I would put thought to paper but tired after 25.

Top 25
1)Gunter Grass
2)Vladimir Nabokov
3)Thomas Pynchon
4)Haruki Murakami
5)David Mitchell
6)Graham Greene
7)Lev Tolstoy
8)Vasily Grossman
9)Julian Barnes
10)Mario Vargas Llosa
11) Juan Goytisolo
12)Louis Ferdinand Celine
13) Jorge Luis Borges
14) Bohumil Hrabal
15) Umberto Eco
16) George Orwell
17) Nikoli Gogol
18) Cormac Mccarthy
19) Virginia Woolf
20) Carson McCullers
21) Alfred Doblin
22) Patrick White
23) Fyodor Dostoevsky
24)Michel Houlebecq
25)Nathaneal West


Blogger jon faith said...

I already loathe the ideas behind such a ridiculous posture, that noted, I have to include Franz Kafka, John Banville, Jean Genet, Bill Faulkner, Theodore Dreiser, Aleksandr Solzhensityn.

If by favorite one would surmise a number of books read -- what about Richard Powers, Carlos Fuentes or Heinrch Boll -- but what then to say about Martin Amis, Peter Ackroyd, Paul Auster and Philip Roth?

12:02 AM  
Blogger genevieve said...

Nonetheless, this is a superior posture to the usual 'favourite books' nonsense list. I rather like this, Jon, I'm going to do a list at brekky tomorrow and see where I end up.

9:38 AM  

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