Monday, September 08, 2008

Hedging Bets

Years ago Joel and I were at the pub.

No, actually there is more to this one. His brother was there and we proclaiming the depths of our Proustian fall, the sacred tomes which we regarded as crucial, quiddities if you will our wayward bent as men of letters , wandering outside the gates in uncertain times. I can't recall the titles I rattled off, other than My Antonia, which I had employed for PC value and immediately regretted such. Joel's brother countered with any of half dozen novels by John Le Carre. I scoffed.

This past weekend Philip Pullman noted on the Times Online (via bookslut's blog) his 40 favorite books and included The Perfect Spy by JLC. I bought a copy today for a quarter: I am not sure whether I will proceed beyond that effort.


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