Tuesday, January 20, 2009

By The Throat

Matters have been relaxed since Sunday, perhaps it was coating of snow which made yesterday an inch off-kilter. I made a trip to the library on Sunday and picked up Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux. There wasn't any great urge but I did and am satisfied with reading such for now. I am nearly finished and must admit that I enjoy most his encounter with writers and artists. In these instances, he appears to soften his appraisal, as opposed to meeting locals or, even worse, tourists.

Surely tardy, i have embraced the latest album from Elbow and it appears to offer dimensions of pursuit. my wife and i are going to read Updike's Rabbit, Run together and she has commented a few times already that it has gripped her interest in the first 25 pages. I will likely begin such later in the week.


Blogger edward parish said...

My Tuesday has more of a national feel.

Today belongs to BO.

9:20 PM  

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