Sunday, May 17, 2009

Muddy Lawns

Occasionally I would be surrounded by talking animals or the chopped-off heads
of people with little legs; sometimes Plato would climb out of the church
walls--wearing a dingy cap with a peak and a leather jacket--- the harsh
commissar of the kanukai. There was only one way to determine what was a
hallucination and what was reality--to drink still more then the hallucinations
would usually disappear.
-- Vilnius Poker, p.96

I have been conducting my own research on the sustainability of reality. It is crisp here today, there are a pair of Game Sevens to be resolved and i read a YA novel yesterday in a single sitting. Resurrection Men by T.K. Welsh is a delight, much in the vein of Kidnapped and without all the Michel Faber meta-nonsense.


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