Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's The Diffuse?

My syndrome has again prevailed. The free-wheeling Augie March swept into view and carried me away from the strata of Naturalism. I picked up Home of the Gentry by Turgenev the other night, perhaps inspired subconsciously by Woody Allen. his ruminations on the psychological were very refreshing as this bit will attest.

It sometime happens that two already familiar, but not intimate, people
suddenly and rapidly draw closer to each other in the course of a few moments -
and an awareness of this intimacy is immediately expressed in their looks, in
their calm and friendly smiles, and in their very movements. This is precisely
what happened to Lavretsky and Liza. 'So that's what he's like,' she thought
looking fondly at him; 'so that's what you're like,' he thought as well.

Having thoroughly browsed Bolano's Last interview before Christmas it was perhaps hasty to outright buy it, but I did and finished it and the Turgenev yesterday on a day where the fresh snowfall was already an afterthought.


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