Sunday, March 28, 2010

First Pitch

Echoing the bliss of last summer's Greeneland Expedition, I have hastily decided to spend the next month with V.S. Naipaul. I ordered the authorized biography The World Is What It Is by Patrick French and a friend and I retrieved such on Friday. That afternoon I went to IUS and established a borrower's account I also checked out A House For Mr. Biswas. Nerdy it might be, but there is a thrill in the churn.

I read Naipaul's first novel The Mystic Masseur in two days and found it a delightful farce, though leaving an acid trail like Kazan's Face In The Crowd.

Two chapters in, French's biography is proving to be well researched and the interviews with N himself emerge like a Leviathan from the very depths, perhaps like the first reel of summer film.


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