Saturday, August 07, 2010

Reflection not Rage

My friend Roger turned 50 last week and commissioned a smoked Baltic Porter to celebrate such. The beverage is named Ancient Rage and he then penned a column for the Tribune where he denotes a levelling of disposition as he ages. His infamous temper has been relaxed by the passing of years. I spoke to him yesterday about such.

It is no accident that I have arrived at the section of Brothers Karamazov portraying the "odor of corruption" for poor Father Zosima. It does appear well timed on my end. I turn 40 in a few hours and find myself emotionally relaxed. I recognize my limitations and strive to act accordingly.

I am past p. 100 in Jan Kjaerstad's The Seducer. Much like The Conqueror which I read last year, it is a pastiche of the bawdy and the poetic, framing modern Norway in the figure of protagonist Jonas Wergeland.

I would like to push to the end of the Dostoevsky this week. I also purchased Little Stranger by Sarah Waters this a.m. at the library sale.


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