Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weighing Matters

Default is an operating term at the moment. I consider my own stand-by status, my faults and fancies. I was at a wake last weekend and I found myself isolated, but by choice, and lost myself in the pages of Nooteboom, especially his ruminations on the sprawl of history. One extension of this leaves one with a sense of spastic irrelevance. That was me.

It was a great fortune to have discovered Iain Sinclair. I first encountered him years ago in The Guardian. There was a certain crackle in his reviews and interviews. It was my return last year to the stacks at IUS which allowed this to germinate. This weekend revealed another near-miss of mortal sense. No, not to me, personally. The distinction is slight. Mr. Sinclair has yielded considerable purpose to me today. I remain grateful.


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