Thursday, January 27, 2005

Thus Spake Settembrini

"Analysis as an instrument of enlightenment and civillization is good, in so far as it shatters absurd convictions, acts as a solvent upon natural prejudices, and undermines authority; good, in other words, in that it sets free, refines, humanizes, makes slaves ripe for freedom. But it is bad, very bad, in so far as it stands in the way of action, cannot shape the vital forces, maims life at its roots. Analysis can be a very unappetizing affair, as much so as death, with which it may well belong -- allied to the grave and its unsavory anatomy." (222)

Such marks by point of departation per Magic Mountain. necessity cries out that I begin Cloud Atlas again this day, auspcisious perhaps with Paris Combo playing in the background.

More unsavory anatomy to follow.


Blogger edward parish said...

I would like to know of which Paris Combo recording you were listening? See you this evening at the publik house..

1:52 PM  

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