Saturday, November 12, 2005

Post 150

There is no significance to that number, nor any other. there is as yet no routine, no integral aspect to this documentation. Yesterday was veteran's day or rememberence day, as it has held by the United. My friend Roger wrote an impressive piece about his father and tethered the affair to the holiday. that said, I have been incredibly engaged by Vollmann's tandem portraits of Vlasov and Paulus: weren't they brave veterans as well? Such appears to be relevant, if not mired in qualification. The efforts certainly don't pass through the moral customs house of the public at large. Why must proclamations about the holiday adorn churches? I saw Jarhead earlier today and I find the same maw of contradiction. There is much to write, though I fear that, as usual, most of it will never be posed.


Anonymous Chesty Fuller said...

The trailer put out by the studio makes me wonder if Jarhead is pro warish movie making or true art form taken from the book. I want to believe the later,but...

The Marines are a sub culture unto their own that breeds a different kind of loyality that most of the civilian population does not get. I loathe war, but these men and women whom attach themselves to this branch of the armed forces are true believers in what they do is for the betterment of the society in which we live.

Born killers or born protectors, that is something that each of us have to make up our own mind on.

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