Friday, December 16, 2005

The Library at Lubyanka

There hasn't been much success on this site during the week. It has been a strange, nearly awkward time of riptide expectation. I have continued with the Gulag, taking a two day break to read some William Hazlett, notably his Pleasure of Hating. There isn't a considerable amount of his essays availible. His radical stance has been eclipsed, evidently, by subsequent generations.

Solzhenitsyn has taken the reader along, through the schedule at the Lubyanka, prior to the inmate's deportation (or liquidation) and has now unrolled a linear, if anecdotal, history of Law in the Soviet Union. What I have found interesting, is both the vicitimization of both the Church and the intelligentsia during the Civil War and the early 20s, as well as how the magnitude of the Civl War itself has been obscured by bookend atrocities of the Great War and the famines of Collectivization.


Anonymous Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov said...

Thumbs up Jon. This was taken from my post on SAMIZDAT - "Tonight I will finish up Volume 1 of the fantastic tale by Aleksandr
I. Solzhenitsyn - The Gulag Archipelago. When Jon approached me with this venture sometime last spring I was a little intimidated by the fact at the shear size alone, less trying to keep up with Jon's ability to read circles around most of us, but given the Frank Thackeray approach to said works, I am persevering and loving it. With my current condition of health I would not have made it through the horrors of Gulag life and would have drowned myself to death from fluid build up in the lungs."
Bring on Volume 2 or take a break, it is your call my friend.

5:23 PM  

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