Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Near Matches

My quotidian digestion of Aesthetics Of Resistance is being matched by nocturnal hints. My thumbing of Kluge's Devil Blind Spot reminds me of 2002. I had rewturned from abroad, married, overwhelmed at how i was going to complete all of the Immigration paperwork (thanks to Mark Prather) and how i was going to restore my home to being fit for another human being (thanks to Roger and Diana amongst others). I was reading Too Far Afield by Gunter grass, which I had bought months before in Berkeley. I was struggling through the text and a box arrived from Amazon. My wife had bought me three books, notably Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq. Very soon thereafter, I would come home from work, hopefully having read 30 pages or so of the Grass throughout the day, I would ponder the maestro's latest reference to Fontaine and the Stasi and then just before bed I would glide into the delicious horror that is Houellebecq.

Kluge's stylistic jaunts are much the same antidote to the plodding Weiss. I understand the significance of Resistance yet it can be near painful to examine (again) the splintering in theory which dissolved the possibility of the Popular Front.


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