Saturday, February 18, 2006


I was supposed to work this a.m. I didn't. It was no big deal. I was imply a half mile form home when the icy road disagreed with my truck. the road succeeded. I park my truck and walked to the library. I bought four plays at the book sale and walked home. I read Madmen and Specialists by Wole Soyinka. It is the first African play that I have ever read. It is haunting in the extreme, focusing on science and superstition, war and cannibalism. I had hoped to read more Balkan and African literature this year. I remain unsure to quotients for success in that regard. I remain enthralled by the Bulatovic.

I have decided that I will only read fiction in March that I have already read. I think Platform and Ghostwritten will be the first two selections. Time will tell and cliches will flow.


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