Monday, March 27, 2006


One of the lit/cultural blogs that I visit infrequently is hosted by Russian expat living in Toronto, I beleive she is an actual expat anyway, perhaps she is second-generation, i don't really know. She has an interesting taste in literature but such is overwhelmed by predilection for death metal and remarkably conservative values especially towards the third world. For example she described the islamic protestors in France last autumn as a succession of Jihadist potsmokers and should be dealt with as looters and vandals, not demonstrators. She recently posted a rebuttal to a critique of Night Watch, the russian vampire film that we saw earlier this month. I commented on her blog about the film, her critique of the reviewer and other films that I thought might be of interest, I also drew emphasis to "anti-Chechen" images in the film. She replied to a certain length and bid that Russian culture would benefit from more such images. I had to chuckle.

I also read a fellow whom I imagine to be attending an Ivy League school in some post-grad capacity (I also suspect he has a goatee and wears a cravat) and he reads both Brown and Burton on his bus commute which is only ten minutes each way, but 100 minutes culimatively a week, he asserts, that he can enjoy such literary treasures and not stare at homeless people soliciting on corners from out the buswindows.


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