Saturday, March 25, 2006

Inevitable Collapse

My thesis contains disparate elements, all of which appear to contradict the others. I went out briefly yesterday to rent films from Wild and Wooly and grab a quick beer at the public house. I was feeling out of sorts and elected to return home. Not long thereafter, I was besieged by muscle aches and fever. Hours later I had recovered slightly and completed the Prieto in one swoop despite its use of Borgesian double it was well worth my time, though the pages came slowly.

That said, I began Boswell with nothing short of zest and wound up reading 50 pages and found it brilliant. I do tend tot hink Boswell is being directed per his curiosity as I am not sure what happened when Dr Johnson married his bride, 21 years old and apparently obese. Boswell ignores and pecuniary motivation and testimony of one witness who claims that Johnson was in lover with the his wife's daughter. Alas, we shall eschew the sordid and hope to recover.


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