Monday, May 22, 2006

My Five (cross-posted on samizdat)

The cover article on yesterday's NYTBR prompted the questiuon to the somnabulists at samizdat: not surprisingly, no responded. I pondered such, the list - I mean, for five minutes and this ungraceful act was the result. cheers

5)The Human Stain - Roth; likely my favorite by Philip: enjoyed the
concurrent discussion on this site nearly as much: the film sucked,
but, then, most do.

4)Europe Central - Vollmann; it may be prematrure placing a text I read
last autumn in the top five of the past 25 years but I thought it
deserves a glance, nonetheless.

3)Blood Merdiean -- While I think I liked Suttree more, this is an
amazing carpet bombing of the mythic West, its conquest, it cruelty,
its need to justify its avarice.

2)Infinite Jest - So good, i read it twice, it is bursting with brain,
a satire of unbelievable proprtion.

1)The Gold Bug Variations - Much like the above in terms of breadth and
erudition, but this one has more heart, more fuzzy optimism clinging to
the jackboot of reality

Note to self: I should read more Updike and, maybe, Beloved.


Blogger jon faith said...

Ten mnutes after posting, I thought better of the Vollmann. I think Mason and Dixon by Pynchon deserves the nod. Such is the plight of a dumbass.

6:55 PM  
Blogger edward parish said...

4.) Stephen King & Peter Straub - The Talisman
5.) Jame Lee Burke - A Morning for Flamingos
4.) David Guterson - Snow Falling on Cedars
3.) Martin Cruz Smith - Gorky Park
2.) Chang Rae Lee - Native Speaker
1.) Wallace Stegner - Crossing to Safety

*Anything not by John Grisham or Sue Grafton

For what it is worth, I have read most by King,Burke and Guterson.

King and Burke are just plain escape for my head and real easy reads. The others speak for themselves and yes I have read most of if not all of their stuff as well.

I love to read, even if it is not some big name literature giants. Sometimes it is good just to fad away in text about nothing other than fictional life.

9:06 PM  

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