Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Upon Consideration

The harsh light of day has offered breathing space to such quick condemnation. Though I can't quite retract the assertions made, just as I think Roth coasts for much of the time being Portoy (again) in a contemporary melodrama. I know that Joel has found much more within than myself, but while I liked Goodbye, Columbus I didn't care for the Zuckerman Bound trilogy (though my reading of such followed my first reading of Mason and Dixon and Gravity's Rainbow). For the life of me, I have never found entry into Sabbath's Theater but i have masticated the sinew of Roth's later works, from Operation Shylock through the latest trilogy and unto Dying Animal and Bush's Plot to Cap Wilkie. It strikes me as wearied conversations and not an emulsion of ideas, only a man gone flacid.

I have finally begun O'Neil's Journey and am impressed 40 page sor so within. My Burton has not stalled but paused upon a ridge to agtehr its breath. Perhaps its his present concern with evacuation that has tugged at my heartstrings. Tendrils keep extending to other areas, the Nazis, Richard Burton, the Arabian Nights and whatnot. I still wish to read The Recognitions and Doktor Faustus this summer. Though travel plans have also paused, I would like to push that direction, though the Carey would need be processed elsewhere, of course. The Powell remains visible and I am seriously considering Tour de Proust come autumn.

Here's to scarecrows and growing self-disgust.


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