Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Liquidation Redeems the Electorate

This marks my first ever post from abroad. It is slightly past midnight here in Belgrade and life is damn fine. My reading this week has been tempered by pivo futbol and the fellowship of many people who don't speak English. I still love them even if such is only communicated with smiles, laughter and hugs. I did finish the Shadow of the Wind before landing in Philadelphia. I must say that book began in an almost narcotic cloud of anticipation. I have since waged war with the Musil for days now, though I did pick up a Srpski (actually Montenegran) book Houses of Belgrade which I have enjoyed even as it has facilitated dozens of questions to the people around me i.e. where was Paris Street circa 1941? My sister-in-law, Best Man and fine scholarly friend Tihana arrived today from London and gave me a soon to be published anthology of stories by Czech women. I read one tonight while curled in a corner at a party.

I have rec'd word that the new Pynchon is in store back in New Albany. So it goes, hvala


Anonymous Ready Kilowatt said...

The best damn day we liberals have had in twelve years and you are out traipsing around eastern europe with way too much pivo at your expense. I am joking of course and only hoping that you are having a fine time. Drink a pint or two for your old buddy from the electrical grid.
Ready Kilowatt

7:49 PM  

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