Sunday, October 08, 2006

Two weeks Tardy

My friends Joel and Ed have both complained about an ill-adjustment to the syncopations of life since their recent journeys: oger has not made a similar utterence, alas, my point contends - I have been all out of sorts per this and other duties since that hiccup of a trip to Chicago. The past week allowed an opportunity complete Fathers and Sons again as well as read A Man For All Seasons and Beowulf in a two day period. My copy of the Wedgwood has arrived and I have made serious progress within and as of today, I have begun The Iceman Cometh.

There are no sweeping ideas in the foment chamber. ciao


Blogger edward parish said...

I am diggin' the Wedgwood, which I passed p99 last night. For me it must be the changing of the seasons, less daylight and knowing that winter approaches....

6:09 AM  

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