Monday, February 26, 2007


I am not sure about this. This past weekend I was browsing about on Conversational Reading and I saw that Mr. Esposito was thinking of reading the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy: The bridal wreath, The mistress of Husaby, The cross. I wasn't familiar with such but thought, hmm - what's this about? I explored and before considering any purchases, after all I have bought roughly 5000 pages of history books in the past month (and 1300 pages of Patrick White) I did see that the library has such in stock. I will swing by today and grab it. I will have to abandon the Conrad as my friend Lesley broke my book. It was an old copy and the spine was on its last legs. I did read 15 pages of the Dostoevsky today, Mitya waxing self-deprecation and citing Schiller at every turn. Damn, that's good.


Blogger jon faith said...

Call it a Nabokov aside, I deserve time in Vienna for my typo of 'gored vidal.'

5:47 PM  

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