Saturday, March 17, 2007


Having been rather self-conscious these past few days, I have neglected any humble scrawl. it has been time of quiet rumination and i have returned to the Pynchon, having read or reread close to three hundred pages, fidning the fire within and being steadily enthralled throughout. I no longer take the book with me during the day, it simpractibility and propensity for crashing to the ground from my fumbling fingers has resigned it to the kitchen, where I brave odors of the larder as I prepare meager fare for me and my beloved.

I preordered the Bolano.

I amazed myself by my nightly progress through The 900 Days. I would surmise that while Salisbury was also journalist, his survey of Leningrad's siege is detailed and resonant. I am not sure if Vollmann consulted such for Europe Central. I may check that in a few minutes as I haul in the day's finds to the library. I will also need to check any references to Pythagorous in that zero book we read on samizdat. there was an oblique nod to P and beans in the pynchon and I am near certain there is a noted backstory to such detail. I did buy Carr bio of Lady carson this morning, along with Moronic Inferno by Amis, Calvino's autobigraphical writings, Mailer's Armieas of the Night and nice edition of Maugham's Human Bondage with an intro by Gore Vidal.


Blogger jon faith said...

Yes, P was killed as eh stumbled through abeanfield. Unlike most literary details, that nugget of charm about a demise had lapsed from my recall.

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