Monday, April 30, 2007

Buckeye Haul

Despite my misgivings about last week's trip to Ohio I did buy a number of books while there: no surprise. Thanks to Sunday's Times I was inspired to buy Old Devils by Kingsley Amis and I also purchased another copy of Camus' The Fall after another review cited the text and I discovered that I no longer owned a copy. My recent interest in the Enlgish Civil War was greeted with the ourchase of pair of tomes by CV Wedgwood and Hugh Trevor-Roper, this was a bonus given the stunning silence from certain authorities (that's you, Roz). The passing of Boris Yeltsin led NPR to interview David Remnick during our trip north and I was inspired to buy his account of the troubled transition from Gorbachov to Yeltsin, Lenin's Tomb. I also bought novels and stories from Murikami, Ackroyd and Eryofeev.


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