Saturday, April 14, 2007

Upon The Bolano

I have been listening to a great deal of James Carter as of late, specifically his Conversing With The Elders, which I purchased aout a decade ago. Carter's deference to his pers and tradition coincide with his typical brilliant reading of the materia and such hasbeen of great comfort this week. I finished the Bolano Thursday night and was moved by its passage of twenty years and across four continents. It certainly inspired a more resounding appreciation for verse.

Scott Esposito wrote yesterday that he was afforded to think about the books he read last year and how a certain few inspired him to think differently. It has been many years since my friend J Barry introduced me to the Boom and Iberian American Literature. It still tingles to consider how enthralled i was by the mention of names like Mario Vargas Llosa and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, how devoted I was lugging around Terra Nostra for the month it took me to appreciate its bulk and splendor. Those days have passed if only that a certain maturity and exploration has withdrew a question of focus away periods, regions and often specific authors. As Great as Patrick White is, I wasn't abale to sustain for very long. I may have read 3-4 Murakami books last year and likely three Graham Greene but these are exceptions. That said a linkage of Mutis-Pynchon-Bolano has left a rather distinct impression, I'm afraid.

No worries, then. I must stabilize myself with history, brace myself for the horizon and consider what we gents of Samizdat are soon to explore.


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