Monday, July 23, 2007


I read over 150 pages yesterdays while perched on the porch. My bloved joined me for a spell and as she is swimming across the Bolano, she asked me about certain poets. It was engaging to broach such but as many know verse isn't my strong suit nor a domain of weighted interest. Like many I cut my proverbnial teeth on Rimbaud and i moved to Whitman, Baudelaire and Rene Char (given Heidegger's respect for such). I haven't read a great deal of poetry in recent years though Jake did loan me some Bukowski a few years back. Such made me think of Beckett's quandary when translating verse. Rain taxi devotes considerable space to poetry and I spent time on an unrelated quest yesterday, browsing decade-old copies of Rain Taxi and Bookforum. It was illuminating to note how the many of the significant books of 1997-1999 are now largely forgotten or at least of middling notoriety.

Paul Auster tends to piss me off.

I do miss Sebald.

I couldn't find any references to Powys though I did encounter one of association in Amis' War Against Cliche reviewing Angus Wilson's collected literary reviews.I'd like to approach both Wilson's Anglo-Saxon Attitudes and Powys' Wolf Solent if only through the reprehensible prism of one Dr. Joel E. Vessels.


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