Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If It Wasn't For Borges

I like the cadence of that title.

I am but a breath away from finishing the Bellow, which was exemplary. I am curious what Amis thought of it.

Espositio has become self-conscious per Bolano.

I have not.

I did feel awkward that the second day of my reading The Savage Detectives it was featured on NPR. I had a very mixed opinion of his stories and have proved too cheap to buy the other novels: perhaps I am waiting for 2666 en ingles. Perhaps I am suppressing my rage towards 2/3rds of my coworkers.

It often sucks to care.

I read a good deal of Toynbee last night, my truncation of a Study in History.

I enjoyed such.


Blogger edward parish said...

Thanks for the invite for grog and conversation on Tuesday; being stuck with work sucks.

5:59 AM  

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