Sunday, January 06, 2008


I am still in the aftermath of the Alex Ross, still listening to Schnittke's 2d and have ordered Wozzeck. This labyrinth that Arnold built is tantamount, to a certain degree, with the bop revolution in jazz. Roger and i spoke a great deal about this 5 years ago.

While a dozen times year or so I read an entire book in a day it isn't so common that I will read an entire book in an evening. I had not read any Stefan Zweig before and decided to rectify that this past week by reading his Erasmus of Rotterdam in a single sitting which I did and found it a lyrical tribute to the dark times of the mid-1930s.

I have read several chapters of the Judt Postwar and have managed to settle down with Conrad's The Secret Agent. I have hopes for the year, namely reading three modernist epics: Moby Dick, Little Dorrit and Vanity Fair. I will also devour three of a more experimental bent: The Recognitions, Darkmans and Life: A Users Manual.


Blogger jon faith said...

I would really like to reread the Rabelais this year, spend a good deal of time and effort with the Bahktin and perhaps try to involve a further study of contemporaries like Montaigne, Machiavelli and, perhaps, Erasmus.

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