Sunday, February 03, 2008

Regulating Drift

After bashing my head around for seemingly weeks, I have decided to accord my other reading with Judt's Postwar. I have no issues with Peter Ackroyd, but after buying a volume of collected reviews and essays I decided that I wasn't in the mood for someone who didn't like Gravity's Rainbow and doesn't recognize the poetic sensibilities of Anthony Burgess. To Ackroyd's credit i have smiled often these past few days with image of his own failed poet, literally chewing on strips of paper from Dickens' Great Expectations.

The Judt sort of exploded for me on Friday. I have enjoyed greatly the summations of Judt on the Western intellectuals during the early 50s. I have thus decided to read The Mandarins by de Beauvoir, having never read any of her fiction. I would also like to reread some Camus, likely The Plague and The Rebel.


Blogger edward parish said...

I am nearing the completion of Postwar; trouble for me at the end with Judt's thought compared to the rest of the book. Will likely go back to light fiction for a while to gain my thoughts on which avenue to head in my quest for reading material.

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