Tuesday, June 17, 2008


When I think of Kafka, my immediate response isn't of Gregor Samsa or Josef K -- it is the story The Judgement. My father and I have been in too tight of orbits as of late. His help has been immeasurable with the new house but wits have been bent by the parental penumbra. My Himmler chin has been lowered consequently.

I read Rings of Saturn yesterday, all of it. I do wish Messrs Stahl and Parish would give it a second approach. It is no accident that Sebald cites Pepys and Chateaubriand with such regularity, his "novels" are but similar existential sketchbooks. rife with an anguished grace.


Blogger edward parish said...

Read deep into The Emigrants last night while chillin' out in a motel in Plainfield,IN. Damn good novel.

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