Friday, November 21, 2008


I have found myself genuflected, figuratively, in the wake of 2666. My reading has proved paced and I am taking my time. I will loot my samizdat postings, at some point, to gleam the glimmer of Pekic.


Blogger the feral professor said...

Odd, these bumptious moments that leave reason to consider and a glittering glimmer of the why of things both large and small. Yesterday I was ransacking one of the bookshelves looking for a text for a fn and nearly had "2666" crack my skull as it fell from a higher perch than where I was looking. The book cover was folded in some 20 or so pages and though I am a known tippler I was sure that I had not purchased the text or cracked its spine. Lena was about this morning and I asked her about it and she casually mentioned that it was reviewed in one of the many magazine she reads on the road and decided to get it because it sounded interesting. I could only half-smile as I shrugged to myself.

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