Monday, December 15, 2008


The winter has left the outdoors crystalline. Because of such I was home early for a Monday. Listening to Franck and Massive Attack I finished Pelevin's Sacred Book of the Werewolf. I enjoyed it, as a homage to Nabokov, but found it somewhat light overall.

My silence was not the penumbra of 2666. I finished such Wednesday night and was thoroughly impressed. I still love Vollmann's Europe Central but nowhere within such is there such brilliant prose as that which adorns the final section of Bolano's masterwork.

I also finished a provocative little book titled How The Rich Are Destroying The Planet. This slim volume is by Herve Kempf and it was given to me by Republican friend Tim, a pilot, who had purchased such in Cologne, as it was the only book in English appearing interesting. Such appears to have been culled form magazine articles and it offered little that stands outside of my beliefs in these concerns. I find it puzzling still that Tim would purchase such.


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