Friday, December 05, 2008

A Queue

It has proven an early xmas.

I will likely read the Pelevin after finishing 2666.


Blogger Levi Stahl said...

Oh, I need to read Henry Green. Somehow I've failed to do so, despite recommendations from trusted friends and the fact that he was a classmate of Anthony Powell, either of which should have placed him on my shelves by now.

In case, like me, you find yourself, not done thinking about 2666 when you're done reading it, the best reviews I've found yet have been Scott Esposito's at the Quarterly Conversation, Sam Sacks's at Open Letter, and Sara Kerr's in the NYRB. All take different approaches, and all improved my understanding of the novel. I read it nearly three months ago, and I still can't think about it every day.

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