Monday, February 23, 2009


My friend Roger recently finished the Alexanderplatz by Doblin and he asked me about the ending. I found my self in an awkward corner. Yes, I did read it, 12 years ago, in fact. I saw the Fassbinder film adaption as well as a 1932 film just two years ago: guess what I remember? Clive James cites Martin Amis that the memory of novels evaporate two years after reading them. I will question the 24 month term, but do agree that unless one reads a novel multiple times, the details tend to fade. This was reconfirmed Saturday night when my wife and I viewed I Served The King of England and I couldn't remember much at all of the plot. Funny, given that I have read Hrabal's Too Loud A Solitude about five times and recall most of that one.


Blogger edward parish said...

Welcome to getting on in years. Even though one feels and seems to have it going on - brain drain happens. Get used to it.

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