Monday, February 16, 2009

John Wilson's Lucky Lapse

My words are flopping, untied in the chosen flow. My point , only a few days ago, was that I felt moved by Burgess in his smaller fictions, his criticism and, of course, his Enderby novels. Conversely, the tone of Earthly Powers or Any Old Iron was a sweeping panorama punctuated with the pithy asides and puns, yet his characters fictional and historical alike appeared to be but vehicles for further display of his exceptional erudition. That said, I returned to Kenneth Toomey's exploits today after a day long diversion in Littell's Kindly Ones, and I feel gratitified for the temerity.

My wife finished The Victim by Bellow and we will be read Monisgnor Quixote by Greene in tandem sometime later this week.


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