Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I was finally able to see the doctor today. It is nothing serious, just sinuses gone rogue. I had to wait for a hour, which was fine as I drifted through War and Peace, attending carefully to Andrei under fire. My doctor finally appeared and after a rapt discussion of three minutes she noted the Tolstoy and asked if i was going to buy a Kindle. I smiled and thought of Rabbit, a dozen years younger than myself in Run, how instinctively he crouched near the sage, whether it be a coach or a minister - he sought the bylaws and the Song of Songs, intent on following such as long as he remained in the Elect.

I dipped by the library and recalling yesterday's indecision, I have decided to embark upon both Bech: A Book by Updike and Moment of Freedom by the Norwegian author Jens Bjorneboe.


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