Sunday, August 30, 2009


My myriad persona often slips into what a casual observer would fathom as proto-paranoia. This nascent awareness is all in jest, of course, but alas I imagine that when contemplating discontinuing our subscription to the New York Times, they stuff a single issue of the Sunday Magazine with lengthy articles on Shane Battier and Neko case. Alas, as I prune down my periodical-driven distraction, the oxford American strikes back with a Southern Literature issue after such ground breaking precedents as the Food Issue and Southern Sport, why change after, what - five years, belle lettres? I have been savoring each article and as a result of the issue I hope to read Absalom, Absalom and Thomas Wolfe in the near future. I admit to having accomplished neither. I can't say this will warrant a renewal, only stimulate for the short-term.


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