Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So It Seems

This snafu was the result of utility workers. It was also a glaring situation where if we bothered to use the land line, we could've noticed this two days ago. Alas, my wife uses her iphone and I smile with every passing hour that the phone remains silent.

I have been on tear of sorts, five books in 10 days. I was surprised by the Coe despite its Dickensian dovetailing. This is a necessary tome where the true costs of privatisation and deregulation are explored. This was charming and powerful book. Volpi is likened to Richard Powers and Carlos Fuentes on Season of Ash's back matter. I would say that Volpi captures the worst of Powers and that of Jonathan Franzen (which isn't exactly a taxing endeavor) by revealing a series of plastic characters involved in science, finance and government and expecting the confluence to overpower us. It was a timely read, especially with regard to yesterday and the Wall. Despite the detail for human bickering, the novel read like a random drama for androids 1.0


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