Monday, October 26, 2009

Listening to Joel Vessels

There is considerable weight in that subject. While discussing literature and the fate of our friends, I pitched the idea that I was considering reading the Stieg Larsson books as I found a mass amrket copy of Girl w/ DT at a charity shop in Chicago. Joel gave valid reasons why I shouldn't, though his characterization of the plot, which was based on seeing the FILM in Sweden, is less than convincing. Like most proto-Reeses amusement, the book melts in your hands. I can't say I have devoured large sections, as much as the banalities of investigation are allowed to spill into my brain as I turn pages and I await the first impulse of literary curiosity. I thought the subject would be timely, though why the legacy of rogue financiers from Sweden? You can track them from Greene's England Made Me up through Mankell's Wallender series. I suppose i will proceed, at least with this first novel, given that effort is necessary and I am waiting for Ms. Salander to become three-dimensional.


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