Saturday, February 06, 2010

Of Ice and Two Stories

Another glazing outside, just another weekend. I discovered the author Elizabeth Bowen the other night. I haven't quite plunged but i am interested. I finished Amulet by Bolano the other day. My devotion was whetted early in the novel with one of the more transportive paragraphs outside of Proust. Unfortunately i felt it lagged after that crest. Perhaps the thematics troubled me. I have a friend much in the straits of the Mother of Mexican Poetry and i worry about her. That leaves only Nazi Literature in the Americas as far as my own cache of Bolano. I have decided, note the the conjugal assurance, that my wife and i are going to read 2666. It has been over a year since my initial reading and i think about the novel constantly.

Last weekend I read The Last Day of Mohammad Atta by Martin Amis. I worry about Marty. The other day I picked up the collection Encyclopedia of the Dead by Danilo Kis and began the title story. My momentary reaction was that it was sloppily culled Borges, then I read another page and was enchanted.


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