Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Shudder

It was a modest plan, one with little urgency. I was going to continue between Beijing Coma and Nicholas Nickelby with the added caveat of reading Delillo's Point omega one day day this weekend. Such were fair preparations I had when I sat yesterday afternoon on the porch and lighted a cigar.

I consider myself a steeled but compassionate observer of the world, particularly through the aperture of literature. That said, I was floored by the graphic depictions of mass hysteria released upon millions during the Cultural Revolution. I found myself gasping and then continuing to read. Such a plight climbed through the evening until I collapsed.

It is a golden yet cool day here. I am rested and yet this daunting novel is tugging me inward. I did discover this gem this morning. I am surprised Joel didn't tell me about it earlier.


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