Saturday, October 09, 2010

So It Passes

The other day marked the thousandth posthere for what that's worth. There is much to be said about Wolf Hall. I was told recently by a friend that there will be a sequel which is an exciting prospect.

While overseas I bought a few books, Flaubert in Srpski as well as a some recently translated Balkan novels in English. I read two of those while abroad. Fear and Servant by Mirjana Novakovic is a historical novel depicting a visit by Satan to Belgrade in the 18th Century. He's concerned about vampire sightings and whether this could signify the End Times. The premise is extended through 280 pages and a pair of narrators finally yielding the conclusion that it is Europe proper which kept vampirism contained in Serbia and that Satan isn't vanquished, he's only in repose.

The Cyclist Conspiracy by Svetislav Basara was much more rewarding. Written 21 years ago, it explores ideology and the absurd. Recalling the best of Danilio Kis, the novel has proved remarkably prescient.


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